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Our Statement of Commitment on Child Safety

Children have a special place in God’s kingdom. Jesus says that whoever takes the lowly position of a child is the greatest in God’s kingdom. He also has the harshest words for those who  cause little ones to stumble (Matt 18:6).

Gungahlin Bible Church takes seriously the Bible’s mandate to be proactive in the welcoming, spiritual nurture, protection, safety and care of those in our ministries – both adults and children. We recognise that children and young people are a valued and important part of the church family but they are potentially vulnerable. We affirm their right to feel safe, listened to and respected at all times.

As part of our Child Safe Policy we commit to:

  • Ensuring all leaders and those who work with children sign a Partnership Agreement and Code of Conduct (except in exceptional and temporary circumstances)
  • Ensuring all leaders are appropriately screened and have their background’s checked before appointment
  • Ensuring leaders and team members are trained to promote the safety and well-being of children and young people
  • Ensuring that policies and procedures are in place to handle disclosures, allegations of abuse and inappropriate behaviour
  • Ensuring that all leaders receive ongoing support in performing their roles within Gungahlin Bible Church
  • Ensuring that Gungahlin Bible Church provides safe environments for all activities involving children and young people

Below are links to our Childsafe policy documents. If you have any questions please speak to Pastor Adam, Rick or Evelyn.

Safe Ministry Policy

Code of Conduct

Incident Response Process